About Us
  • our capabilities
    Our Bottle Depots are recognized in the industry as being leading edge. We are one of five depots in the province designated as a “training depot”. We have a core group of very seasoned personnel who are forward thinking and not afraid to try new things. Innovation and technology does not scare us!
  • Our advantages
    Our Plus II Bottle Depot is the first bottle depot in North America to have automated counting technology in the customer service area.
  • our principles
    Our Safety Program runs concurrent to COR standards. Strides in this area has seen our WCB premium rate reduced by 284%!!!! We are presently running at 67.02% BELOW the industry average. We have received awards for Excellence for Quality Control (accurate counts) and Community Participation. Bags are audited to ensure accurate refunds are being provided to our customers.
a few words about us  

Signature Support Services purchased its first bottle depot in 1980. This business decision was based on the need to provide employment opportunities for our disabled clients. We started as one small depot on 124th Street. In 1981, we moved operations to 8702-113 Street (where Swan Industries is now located.) In order to serve our customers better, the business relocated again in to 10502-96 Avenue (next to the Eco Centre).



As the City of Grande Prairie continued to grow, so did the need for a second depot. In 2004, Recycle Plus applied and was granted a second license to operate a bottle depot. This new depot took almost two years to site and develop and when it opened it was considered state of the art in the industry. The depot is large with natural lighting streaming into the foyer. The Association was one of the first in the industry to install a POS system with computer monitors so the customer could see how his/her containers were being counted. Stainless steel sinks along with paved parking which includes a designated handicapped stall and ramp access is just some of the convenient perks at our depot. This depot has continued to pave the way in the industry being the first in North America to implement automated sorting and counting technology in both its front and back end operations.

what we offer  

Recycle Plus buys beverage containers that have been registered with the BCMB by returning the deposit that the purchaser has paid.


To assist with efficient processing and fund raising efforts the following services are provided.

Power Plus Program (PPP) for Organized Groups

Bottle Donation Program

     -Cans for Kids

  •      -Aquatera Donation Program

Bottle Drive Assistance 

Bottle pick up service