Products We Recycle
  • Beer Bottles

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  • Cans

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  • Milk Containers

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  • Milk Jugs

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  • Glass Bottles

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  • Color 'PET' Bottles

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  • Clear 'PET' Bottles

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  • Bimetals

  • Foils

  • Juice boxes

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How the industry works




The Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) is the government arm charged with the responsibility and oversight of the beverage container system in Alberta. This body reports to the Minister of Environment and has a mandate to increase the return rate of beverage containers in Alberta. This is part of Alberta Environment’s quest to reduce the amount of waste that goes to the landfill.


All beverage containers sold in Alberta at the retail level must be registered with the BCMB. There are currently close to 100,000 containers registered.   All containers one liter and under carry a deposit refund rate of ten cents and those over one liter have a deposit rate of twenty-five cents.


If you pay a deposit of ten or twenty-five cents at the store where you buy or beverage, it will be refunded to you when you bring the container back to the bottle depot. Please note this only applies to containers purchased in Alberta. Bottle depots in Alberta are prohibited from paying a deposit on containers that have not been purchased in the province or for those bottles where there has not been a deposit paid (ie: wine bottles for home made wine).


Refillable beer bottles are returned to the distillers for reuse. Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, milk jugs and box cartons are sold to smelters and mills to be reprocessed into similar or other products. This process is handled through Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC).


Bottle depots are paid a small handling fee to accept and prepare for shipment the containers that are returned to the depot.