Products We Recycle
  • Beer Bottles

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  • Cans

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  • Milk Containers

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  • Milk Jugs

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  • Glass Bottles

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  • Color 'PET' Bottles

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  • Clear 'PET' Bottles

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  • Bimetals

  • Foils

  • Juice boxes

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Recycle Plus is committed to providing the best service possible

Our new state of the art PLUS II depot, located on Resources Road, is clearly the bottle depot of choice for most Grande Prairie residents. Forty-two parking stalls (a designated stall for handicapped clients), large foyer, sorting stations and friendly staff to serve you are all ingredients for good customer service.  February 2012 saw the renovation of this depot to include sorting and counting technology on both front and back end operations. On the front end, the majority of a customer’s order that are one litre and under can be processed through the front end very quickly by a simple count stream. On the back end, much of the work is done by sorting the containers into specific material streams: Aluminum, PET (clear and colored) and bi-metal.
This change to operations impacts the amount of time it takes to serve you. Whether your returns are processed through the new stations or the old, your order can now be processed so much more quickly. To take advantage of new front end technology, please refer to the sort list for Plus II.

The PLUS I depot located at the Recycling Centre is customized to handle commercial clients, process Power Plus Program clients and the Bottle Donation Program. Bottle Drives are also coordinated from this site. All orders can be handled efficiently from this site and to provide a faster return, please refer to the sort list for Plus I (link)

Our commitment is to serve ALL our customers quickly and efficiently. The BCMB provides a listing of tips that will assuredly speed up the process and add value to your time and experience. Check our Recycling guide here.

Check out our real-time webcams at both depots to optimize your time!



Saturdays and Tuesdays are typically the busiest days of the week.