Power Plus Program






Power Plus Program


Service clubs and organized youth groups can fundraise on a year round basis with our Power Plus Program (PPP). Clients frequently express a desire to donate their containers to an organization other than the monthly selected charity and this program allows them to do just that!


PPP or Bag and Tag service is simple:

- Groups that register to set up a PPP account will be assigned a unique account number. Groups that are running for a short period of time will select the Bag and Tag option.

- Anyone wishing to donate to that group can simply drop their donations off in a box or bag that is tagged with the appropriate account number or name of your group. (Glass and plastics must be separated.) Donations are accepted at either depot for PPP and your selected depot for Bag and Tag and set aside for processing during the less busy periods of the day.

- The donations are tallied at month end and a cheque is issued to the appropriate group for PPP. For Bag and Tag all orders are paid out in cash and are paid out as completed.

- Call Plus I or Plus II Bottle Depot for more information for these unique fundraising options or download and fill out our bag and tag or PPP form online and email it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to receive a call back to get you set up!



Bag and Tag Form


PPP form