Red Cross Haiti



Global Response


Our community has a heart for those in need around the world. When an earthquake struck in Haiti, our community rallied with a full scale bottle drive. In coordination with Rock 97 and Roseneau Transport, Recycle Plus raised close to $40,000 for victims of this disaster.


Centre 2000 was the drop off site, Rock 97 broadcast “on location” and Recycle Plus staff was there to sort and stack and say “Thank you” for each and every donation.


Five days later, three 53 foot trailers were filled and Recycle Plus staff donated their wages for the time it took to load, unload, resort and process the containers for shipment. GPDAPDD responded by matching the funds from the donated wages. Roseneau Transport also donated and matched the cartage fees for shipping.


$20,000 was raised and because this money was channeled through the Red Cross, the federal government matched the donation for a total of $40,000 for this cause.


Haiti Government Letter